International Reptile Day! 

Did you know reptiles have their special day to bask in the sun as well? It's true! Across the globe reptile friends, enthusiasts, and organizations observe October 21st as International Reptile Day and pay tribute to the 10,000 plus reptile species that exist around world, with the exclusion of Antarctica. It's a great day to visit a neighboring Zoo and learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Many people know reptiles have a history dating back to fossils discovered about 315 million years ago, are cold blooded, have scales or scutes, can lay eggs on land, and do not have sweat glands so their scales feel dry when touched. But did you know that scales on snakes contain keratin which is also found in healthy human hair and nails? Or that many lizards will remove their tails as a defense mechanism?  These creatures are interesting pet options!

Be sure to view our pet reptile offerings and discover geckos, anoles, chameleons, lizards, frogs, iguanas, snakes, turtles and more. Meet your new best pet!