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Pet Reptile for Sale

Pet California King Snake For Sale


Pet California King Snake For Sale

2.80 LBS
Estimated Delivery:
About 3 Weeks

Product Description

California King Snake are known to be calm, adaptable, inquisitive and docile. With proper handling and slow movements this breed can make an amazing pet snake. This breed is is one of the most popular pet snakes. They are very good choice as a pet for the experienced and the inexperienced.

Size: The adult size for California king snakes is more than 6 feet in length, although average size is 3 to 4 feet. California king snakes are not a bulky or heavy snake with an average weight of Up to 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms)

Temperament & Personality: Very easy to handle. More very docile and adaptable.

Cage Requirements: An adult California kingsnake requires a 20-gallon or larger enclosure. Be sure it is secure and escape-proof. They do not require special lighting. A room with natural light would be sufficient. Be sure not to place the cage in or near a window where the sun will shine on the cage, or it can become too hot and fatal for your pet Kingsnake .

Diet: They fed on rodents, usually mice, and other snakes. You can offer live or well-thawed frozen mice. Live adult mice can inflict wounds to your kingsnake. Feed once a week will maintain your California kingsnake, but the younger snake will grow faster if you feed it twice a week or more. Provide fresh water in a bowl that is deep enough that when the bowl is half filled and the snake goes in to soak, the water will not overflow into the cage.

Colors: California kingsnakes are normally either banded or striped, and their colors range between black and brown with white or yellow markings. they come in all different kinds of patterns. 

History: California kingsnakes live everywhere in the Golden State except the rainy redwood forests. They're also found in dryer parts of Oregon, as far west as Colorado and south into Mexico.

Origin: United States, Mexico
Hypoallergenic: yes
Life span: 10 to 15 years
Temperament: Adaptable, calm, adaptable, inquisitive and docile
Weight: 3.3 pounds
Colors: black and brown with white or yellow

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