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Pet Reptile for Sale

Pet Eastern Painted Turtles For Sale


Pet Eastern Painted Turtles For Sale

0.50 LBS
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Product Description

Eastern Painted Turtle is generally docile, friendly and easy to handle. The painted turtle is one of the most common pet turtles in the United States. They are known for recognizing their owners and making great interactive pets.

Size: Around 7 inches. Males do not usually get as big as females.

Temperament & Personality: This species is generally not aggressive. This species is not prone to biting people.

Tank Requirements: The tank can be nearly filled to the top with water, giving them ample space to swim, dive and roam. You will want the water to be at least as deep as they are long, so 7 to 8 inches deep would be the minimum. However, as these turtles absolutely love swimming, you should ideally give them as much water to swim in as possible.
A basking platform is also necessary, as these turtles need a spot to get completely out of the water to rest and dry off their shell, to prevent fungus and other harmful diseases. They need to have plenty of space to roam about and swim. For turtles between 6 and 8 inches, a 55-gallon tank is appropriate. And for turtles measuring more than 8 inches, tanks in the 75- to 125-gallon range is needed. Another option is an indoor or outdoor pond. Your pet turtle will need a good filtration system offering clean non chlorine water. They will also need a basking spot as this is essential to most turtle habitats. Two types of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB, are essential for your turtle’s health. In the basking spot maintain a range of 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperature should average about 10 to 15 degrees lower than the basking spot, and you can attain it with a submersible aquarium heater.

Diet: Hight quality pellet turtle food, frozen and freeze-dried foods, including krill, crickets, grasshoppers and snails, insects, worms, snails and small fish. These can be gut-loaded or dusted with calcium for added benefit. Plant matter will make be the majority of their diet. For greens, turtles enjoy dandelion leaves, and green- and red-leaf lettuce. Aquatic plants available at the local pet store such as anacharis, water lettuce and water hyacinth are also good additions. Cuttlebone is also a good source of calcium for your turtle.

Colors: The painted turtle has a smooth, olive to black upper shell, or carapace, with yellow or red borders along the seams.

History: The painted turtle is the most widely distributed North American turtle, and the only one to range across the entire continent. This species ranges from coast to coast through the northern United States and southern Canada, south to the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to southwestern Alabama.

Origin: North American
Hypoallergenic: yes
Life span: 20 - 30 years
Temperament: docile, friendly, easy to handle.
Weight: 500 grams
Colors: olive to black

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