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Pet Reptile for Sale

Pet Egyptian Toad For Sale


Pet Egyptian Toad For Sale

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Product Description

Egyptian Toad is lively and inquisitive. They are considered to be easy to care for. This toad can be a perfect pet for families adult and seniors. This species is also called Square Marked Toad, Egyptian Toad, African Toad or Reuss’s Toad.

Size: They can reach a maximum size (head and body length) of 10 cm. Males 6-9cm – Females 7-13cm. Average weight is about 18 ounces.

Temperament & Personality: Toads recognize routine feedings. Feed them at the same time and you’ll find them waiting to eat. Toads do not like being handled, and their skin is mildly toxic, and handling them without gloves is harmful to them as well. Be sure to wear latex gloves if you are needing to handle a toad. Adult toads must be housed separately and not with any other amphibians. Males can be heard calling, making this the most reliable way of sexing.

Tank Requirements: They will require a 15-20 Gallon tank gallon tank with an enclosed top. Provide a water bowl with fresh water non chlorine to bath in. Maintain greater than 60% humidity by misting as needed every day. temperature range of 65°F to 82°F. They will require fluorescent lighting 10-12 hours a day. An incandescent day bulb can be used for basking. They will require a place to hide from light with a hiding box. Also add substrate about 2 inches.

Diet: insects and invertebrates, crickets, meal worms, small butterflies, earthworms, moths, beetles and caterpillars. Gut- load crickets before feeding. Fresh non chorine water daily. Calcium supplement should be added daily and a multi vitamin supplement once or twice a week.

Colors: There are variations in the color and pattern of this toad. The spots on the back vary from green to dark brown and sometimes red spots will appear. The underside is white or very lightly colored.

History: Square marked toads are native to Africa. They are an extremely wide ranging toad found in many countries including: Egypt, Gambia, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and many others. 

Origin: Africa
Hypoallergenic: wear gloves if handling
Life span: 10 Years +
Temperament: lively, inquisitive
Weight: 18 ounces
Colors: Black, green, dark brown, pinkish/red spots



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